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Berber Carpet

Product Details
  • Berber Carpet Special $1.20/sf
  • Promotional Carpet installed Price $2.20
  • 1st Quality Carpet

    • Free Estimate
    • Over 400 sqft
    • Furniture move around, stairs installation, removal and disposal of existing flooring, Carpet Underpad are not included in the promotional offer.

    Carpet - $0.50/SF ONLY


    SPC Vinyl Tile-$3/SF ONLY


    Carpet - $0.99/SF


    Carpet on Sale-$1.50/SF


    65 OZ Carpet-Made in USA -$3.85/SF


    Glue down Vinyl Plank- Made in Korea-$2.95/SF


    5 mm Glue Down Luxury Vinyl Plank ON SALE - $2.5/SF


    Engineered Hardwood Floor- $3.49/SF


    Laminate/ Engineered Hardwood Underlayment-$30


    2mm Glue Down Vinyl Plank -$1.30/SF


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