Silky, smooth carpet adds high style like no other flooring

If you’ve ever watched your toddler tumble down on hard planks from afar and weren’t able to save them in time, or woken up on a chilly morning and stepped on frigid floors, then chances are you may be interested in installing anti-slip, cozy and comfortable carpeting in your home. Every year, more than 50% of surfacing purchased is indeed carpet floors, and certainly, there’s an excellent reason for that. Fashionable yet eco-conscious, versatile yet easy-to-clean, it clear why soft, fiber flooring has been a true favorite for homeowners for decades.

But the question remains: is carpet the right pick for your renovation? Well, to help you figure out that answer, here are a few fantastic reasons why soft surfacing may be just what you’re looking for!


As we’ll tell you at our carpet flooring store, many homeowners believe it’s the ideal choice for rooms that require added comfort, such as living rooms, family rooms, and of course bedrooms. In these spaces, cozy fibers are most appreciated because they provide underfoot warmth.

Together, carpet and carpet padding add an extra layer of insulation to each room, further creating a warmer environment in the house. In fact, not only does it provide a cozier space, but it also increases energy efficiency and decreases costs.

Prevent tripping and falls with anti-slip soft surfacing. What's great about carpeting is, in the event of an accident, the soft fibers create a natural cushion. Without a doubt, this is especially helpful for seniors, young children, and others with reduced mobility control.

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Sound reduction

Along with insulative properties, carpets also reduce noise with its cushioned texture. It offers sound dampening properties in several ways, including blocking noise between floors, absorbing ambient sound, and reducing foot traffic noise.

Cleaner air
With recent scientific studies, we're finally able to understand that carpeting improves air quality indoors, rather than the old misconception that fibers are bad for us. By entrapping airborne pollutants such as bacteria, dander, pollen, and dust, the air inside the home is left cleaner, fresher. Homeowners simply have to ensure their carpets are deep cleaned regularly to remove those trapped little nasties.

Carpet flooring store near you
Looking for a reliable carpet flooring store near you? At Discount Carpet and Flooring, our soft and hard surfacing experts are here to clarify all things flooring, so you can decide which material would best suit your renovation. Serving the Vancouver, Surrey, Richmond, Burnaby, and Delta regions, our carpet flooring store is ready to answer all your questions. Visit our Richmond, B.C. showroom to view our vast assortment of quality, innovative floors.
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