Luxury vinyl plank flooring –Want to impress? Forget the rest!

If you were to ask one of our Discount Carpet and Flooring Richmond, B.C. showroom professionals for an installation that truly impresses, then their answer would no doubt be luxury vinyl plank flooring. What about a surfacing that’s stylish, contemporary, easy-to-clean, and affordable? Yet, again, you may have guessed, the answer is always the same –the one, the only, luxury vinyl. Still not entirely convinced this installation is right for your home? Be prepared to change your mind with the following remarkable qualities that luxury vinyl has to offer!


While these planks can be installed in any space, its waterproof capabilities make it especially handy in areas like the kitchen and bathroom that see a lot of water. From pet accidents and messy kids, these slats are truly worry-free, so you don’t have to stress about cleaning up immediately after your family.

Realistic visuals
Without a doubt, at the top of the list of what makes this flooring so unique is its chameleonlike qualities. With the ability to take on nearly any appearance, texture, pattern, color, and design, your floors can suddenly look like whatever you want them to be! Is it hardwood you love or marble? You won’t be able to tell them apart from the real deal with luxury vinyl. Come into our showroom today and see the possibilities!

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Easy maintenance, simple to clean

Of course, like every other flooring type, vinyl slats will need cleaning and maintenance. While this is certainly true, what differs is the amount needed. To keep your installation looking its finest, daily sweeping with a dry microfiber mop is commended. However, there’s no need to mop unless your floors seem a tad too dirty. Otherwise, you’re usually looking at damp mopping about once a week or so.

Extremely durable
As we often say in the showroom, vinyl planks are made for busy households. Extremely durable and scratch-resistant, these planks won’t stain, indent or damage easily. Of course, that’s why families with young children and pets love this installation so much! And, since it’s so hard-wearing, you can install these slats in essentially any room in your home.

Vinyl plank flooring store
Looking for a vinyl plank flooring store with quality materials and knowledgeable professionals? Well, then it sounds you need to visit us at Discount Carpet and Flooring! Serving the Vancouver, Surrey, Richmond, Burnaby, and Delta regions, our vinyl plank flooring store is ready to help you find the best installation for your upcoming home makeover.
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