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Upgrade your business with quality commercial flooring and installations

For a cost-effective, reliable commercial flooring store, visit Discount Carpet and Flooring in Richmond, B.C. As British Colombia’s most trusted soft and hard surfacing center, you’re assured quality commercial flooring and installations for your business upgrade. As we carry a wide assortment of industrial-grade renovation products, you can count on our installations for your high-traffic areas. Why trust our professionals with your commercial flooring installation requirements? Here are a few great reasons why you’ll want to enlist the support of our knowledgeable, experienced specialists.

Years of industry experience

At our commercial flooring store, you'll quickly notice how informed our professionals are when it comes to all types of soft or hard surfacing. With so many decades of experience with commercial flooring installation, it's no surprise! We're very lucky to have such savvy, skilled experts who take the time to carefully explain the various features of all our flooring options to our customers.



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Renovating your company can be quite stressful and overwhelming. Not only can it disrupt your business workflow, but it can spill over into your family life too. No one likes to function in a construction zone. And the fact is, if you want your commercial flooring installation to be seamless and stress-free, then you must hire professional installers for the project. Combined with our high-quality materials and industry-knowledgeable staff, you'll gain peace-of-mind knowing the experts are on the job. Save yourself a ton of headaches and rest easy by leaving your installation to the specialists.

Professional results

When not properly installed, even the most expensive commercial flooring products can look cheap. That’s because, aside from purchasing premium-grade surfacing, you’ll only get professional results by hiring industry professionals. Now’s not a time to cut corners –because if you do, it will surely stick out like a sore thumb! Since you’ll be investing a lot of money in your new commercial flooring installation, make sure to protect that investment by hiring renovation experts.
Commercial flooring installation in Richmond, BC from Discount Carpet and Flooring

Discount Carpet and Flooring

We service the Richmond, Vancouver, Surrey, Burnaby, and Delta, B.C. regions and would gladly help you find the best flooring for your company. Having provided this area of British Colombia with finely crafted soft and hard surfacing for a great many years, we strive to keep our customers happy with our friendly, honest approach. Give us a call today to find out more about our many different, cost-effective flooring solutions.
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